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WB Waxes the Frog

(Posted July 26, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

 The Frog's frog has croaked.

The WB has fired Michigan J. Frog, the nattily attired singing-dancing 'toon that's served as mascot since the network's inception in 1995.

"In my opinion the frog is dead and buried," network chairman Garth Ancier told the Television Critics Association Friday, in response to a question from a critic who had observed that the grinning green amphibian was MIA from the WB's newly designed logo, an acid-toned graffiti-splashed graphic.

Reacting to the dismay, Janollari decided to explain the network's motivation for offing the tuxedo-clad cartoon. "[The frog] was a symbol that was--especially in the extensive testing that we did--that perpetuated the young teen feel of the network, and that is not the image we want to put to our audience."

He went on to say that the execution is part of a concerted effort to prove that the network isn't just for young teens, but is also "a destination for the segment that's 25-34." The network will roll out its frog-free logo in the coming weeks.

By Bridget Byrne

Source: Yahoo! TV

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