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Parents complains about ABC's Live 8 show

(Posted July 13, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

 A parents group on Thursday accused the ABC television network of violating broadcast decency standards when it failed to censor all profanity uttered during the recent Live 8 concert, an event held to draw attention to poverty in poor countries.

The Parents Television Council, which has filed numerous complaints about potentially indecent material on television, asked the Federal Communications Commission to levy a fine on ABC stations for failing to censor the July 2 performance of "Who Are You" by The Who.

"The program was aired on a tape delay, which should have given ABC ample time to edit all obscenities from the concert prior to broadcast," Tim Winter, PTC executive director, said in a statement.

The FCC in the past has gone both ways in handling profanity on television. It decided against taking action when ABC aired the profanity-laden film "Saving Private Ryan." Yet the agency said NBC stations violated the law when Irish U2 rocker Bono swore during the 2003 Golden Globe Awards program, however issued no fines.

Source: Yahoo! TV

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