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Everyone has Loved 'Raymond' for Over Nine Years

(Posted July 10, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

When “Everybody Loves Raymond” debuted nine years ago, Homer Simpson was television’s Dean of the Dumb Dads. His chief competition back then was Tim Allen on “Home Improvement” whose live-action pratfalls were almost as cartoonish as Homer’s (and who was falling through roofs long before Homer’s stunt during the recent Ray Romano "Simpsons" episode).

“Everybody Loves Raymond” was the first situation comedy to have a declarative sentence for a title since “Father Knows Best,” although co-creators Romano and Rosenthal were haunted by the fear that the audience might mistake its sarcasm for self-aggrandizement. So, in the show's early opening title sequence, in which Raymond's family passed behind him on a conveyor belt, it was repeated every week by brother Robert.

No claim was ever made that Raymond knew best; Romano’s nervousness about his lack of acting experience was integrated into his character. And among a very skilled cast of experienced character actors, in nine years of situation comedy, Ray Romano has earnestly earned his show's title.

Source: MSNBC

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