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NBC has cancelled "American Dreams"

(Posted June 27, 2005 by Stephen Strong)

The TV drama "American Dreams" has been officially cancelled by NBC after weeks of denial from the network.  The show ran for 3 seasons and had continued to gain popularity.  The cancellation is sending the cast a clear signal to go forward with other projects on their lists.

Gail O'Grady, who played family matriarch Helen, will star in "Hot Properties," an ABC pilot set in a real-estate office. Brittany Snow (Meg), had a role in the Vin Diesel movie "The Pacifier".

Will Estes (JJ) will be seen on Foxes "Reunion" an interesting sounding drama with a whiff of "American Dreams"-like nostalgia. Estes and other actors will play a group of high-school friends who are followed from their 1986 graduation to their 2006 reunion, with each episode covering one year in their lives. Estes' "Dreams" wife, Beth, actress Rachel Boston, has a role in a pilot of her own, "Peep Show," described as "as a look inside the disturbing minds of two roommates" (one of whom is Johnny Galecki, who starred as David way back in "Roseanne").


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