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Reba Settles Salary Spat

(Posted September 5, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

Reba is returning to Reba.

The country singer/actress has roped herself a new deal with producer 20th Century Fox TV that will see her receive a hefty pay hike while effectively bringing an end to a salary dispute that has caused production to be halted on her eponymous WB sitcom, according to Variety.

Both sides were mum on the new contract.

Reba, which stars the singer as a divorced Texas soccer mom, had encountered filming delays as far back as February of last year, partially due to some last-minute no-shows on the part of McEntire, who called in citing a "family emergency" back home in Oklahoma.

At the time, industry trades speculated that the entertainer, who was reportedly disgruntled with her salary, may have been pulling a Brad Garrett-type ploy to negotiate a bigger raise. Still, none of McEntire's reps ever made any formal overtures toward upping her salary.

As 20th Century Fox TV ironed out a new two-year licensing agreement with the Frog network for Reba, the confrontation lingered, so much that the season premiere, which should have wrapped taping already, had yet to get underway by its mid-August start date. And again, the Grammy winner was MIA, forcing shooting to be postponed several times.

McEntire's publicist could not be reached for comment Friday.

Reba, one of the WB's top-rated shows, is now entering its fifth season. Barring any more snags, the show is expected to finish taping by the time of its premiere, scheduled for Sept. 16.

By Josh Grossberg

Source: Yahoo! News

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