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'Fashion Rocks' for CBS

(Posted September 5, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

LOS ANGELES ( - If you've been racking your brain over just how to celebrate the beginning of New York's Fall Fashion Week, rest your weary mind because the geniuses at CBS have already done the thinking for you. The second annual "Fashion Rocks" special, airing Friday, Sept. 9, is a star-studded concert event celebrating the symbiotic relationship between music and fashion.

How is this relationship mutually beneficial, you ask? Take a look at the special's list of scheduled performers: David Bowie (married a model), Destiny's Child (Beyonce just started her own clothing line), Duran Duran (married models), Billy Idol (has a song called "Eyes Without a Face," and models have faces), Alicia Keys and Shakira (could be models), Tim McGraw (his wife could be a model), Nelly (owns his own clothing line), Gwen Stefani (owns her own clothing line), Joss Stone (models for GAP), The Arcade Fire (wears clothes) and Rob Thomas (married a model).

It's shocking once it's all laid out for you in black and white like that, isn't it?


Source: Zap2it

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