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Bravo's reality show reveals the sitcom drought

(Posted September 1, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

NEW YORK - Who will get the last laugh: “The Sperm Donor” or “Stephen’s Life”?

Each is a finalist in Bravo’s sitcompetition, “Situation: Comedy,” which, since premiering in July, has tracked the development of these rival comedies from raw script to finished 15-minute presentation.

A rugged, step-by-step process pushed along by producers under the thumb of a network (in this case, NBC), sitcom-building seems to leave no time for funny business. Friday’s “Situation: Comedy” (7 p.m. ET) will cover each pilot’s pressure-packed taping in front of a live audience. Will anybody laugh?

Why wait to find out? You can view the results online right now. Just visit the “Situation: Comedy” Web site to screen both contenders, then, before midnight EDT Friday, click your choice for the one you think should go to series. The winner (whose writing partners share $50,000 and get a year’s representation by a Hollywood talent agency) will be announced on the finale Sept. 9.

Source: MSNBC News

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