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Fatherhood Season 2B Launch

(Posted August 21, 2005 by Stephen Strong)

Fatherhood Season 2B Launch
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
9:30 p.m. ET/PT

Nick at Nite's first animated original is back for this season's second (second batch of episodes from season two) installment of six new originals. Based on a book by Bill Cosby, the richly animated show shows the life and times of Dr. Arthur Bindlebeep, a high school professor, loving husband, devoted son, and father of three. With his wife Norma at his side, Dr. Bindlebeep gamely tries to sort out the complications of parenthood, without losing his sense of humor.

Fatherhood season 2 was so chock-full of good episodes that we had to split it up! The second half of the 2nd season debuts with a two-hour stunt featuring two premiere episodes followed by two earlier season 2 encore episodes.

Guest voices for this new batch of episodes include Henry Winkler, Betty White, Jim Belushi, Tavis Smiley, Ed Asner, and Wayne Brady.

Tune in for new episodes every Tuesday at 9:30pm through 12/6/05! (Encores Su 10p)

Tuesday, October 18
9:30pm Fatherhood #220 One Flu over the Bindlebeep Nest (Guest Voice Henry Winkler)
Dr. Bindlebeep is looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home, until everyone - except him - comes down with the flu.
10:00pm Fatherhood #222 Home Not So Alone (Jim Belushi)
Dr. Bindlebeep and Norma plan a weekend away, but Dr. B's parents mix-up the dates and aren't available to watch the kids. Instead of canceling their trip, they leave the kids home alone for the weekend with Angie in charge of her little brother and sister.
10:30pm Fatherhood #214 Behind Open Doors
Dr. Bindlebeep discovers Angie has a boy in her room and thinks the worst, but all she was doing was working on a surprise slide show about Dr. Bindlebeep for an upcoming awards ceremony honoring him.
11:30pm Fatherhood #216 The Second Family (Don Knotts)
The annoying John Kurtz and Angie are paired up in a mock marriage for social studies class, becoming an even bigger nightmare to Angie when Dr. Bindlebeep befriends Kurtz.

Tuesday, October 25
9:30pm Fatherhood #223 The Natural (Tavis Smiley)
Katherine's performance in a play attracts the attention of a talent agent, who wants to cast her in a commercial.

Tuesday, November 1
9:30pm Fatherhood #221 Cabin Fever (Betty White)
When a distant relative names Norma in his will after his passing, the family travels to his cabin in the woods to collect the inheritance.


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