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TV Land Remembers Howard Morris

(Posted May 23, 2005 by Stephen Strong)

TV Land has lost a beloved performer, Howard Morris, who played Ernest T. Bass on "The Andy Griffith Show."  As a tribute to this legend of the Golden Age, TV Land will be airing a Howard Morris tribute Wednesday, 5/25, from 7p-10p, highlighting the "Andy Griffith" episodes in which he appeared (He played Ernest in 5 of the 6 episodes and also directed one of them).


7:00p - #94 - Mountain Wedding
Howard Morris guest stars as Ernest T. Bass as the Darling clan returns to Maybery with its own kind of mountain trouble.

7:30p - #98 - Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army
Ernest T. Bass is a mountain man very disgruntled with being rejected by the army.

8:00p - #112 - My Fair Ernest T. Bass
Howard Morris , playing a mountain-bred would-be Romeo, is brought into the sheriff's home in an effort to teach him some manners.#131 - The Education of Ernest T. Bass.

8:30p - #131 - The Education of Ernest T. Bass
Ernest T. Bass goes back to school when his girl spurns him as an illiterate. He quickly proves he won't win any gold stars for deportment of scholarship

9:00p - #140 - Andy and Helen Have Their Day
Andy and Helen are supposed to have a day off, but are continually interrupted at their secluded picnic spot by Barney asking questions about his duties.

9:30p - #174 - Malcolm at the Crossroads
Andy hires a rock-throwing rustic as a school crossing guard and compounds the problem by replacing him with a bicyclist.

Source: TV Land

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