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Good Times 48-Hour Launch Marathon, July 23rd & 24th, 2005

(Posted May 15, 2005 by Stephen Strong)

Good Times Launch Marathon
Saturday, July 23rd  – Sunday, July 24th, 6am-6am

A loving mother. A no nonsense father. Three bickering teenagers. The projects. A motley assortment of friends and neighbors. Politics, economics, crime, education, sex, religion, social welfare, tears, hope and best of all laughter. Groundbreaking television at its best.Welcome the Evans family to TVL with a 48 hour marathon! Good Times…ain’t we lucky we got em?

Saturday, July 23rd

6:00a    #003 –  Getting Up The Rent

With an eviction notice over their heads, the Evans family scrambles to come up with $74 dollars needed for their rent. Despite Florida's opinion, James goes down to the pool hall to try to hustle some money, J.J. comes up with a scheme of his own and Florida and Willona go down to the welfare office.


6:30a    #004 – God’s Business Is Good Business

An old friend of James, who is now a shady televangelist, stops by the Evans apartment and offers James a job that would pay $100 a day. James is set to take it, however, Florida is dead set against James accepting the job, believing the job goes against his morals and values.


7:00a    #005 – Michael Gets Suspended

Michael comes home from school early one day with the announcement that he has been suspended. This, after telling his teacher that George Washington was a racist. James and Florida become determined to prove to Michael that he's wrong.


7:30a    #006 – Sex and The Evans Family

Florida finds what she believes to be a dirty story called, "Sexual Behavior in the Ghetto". Assuming it to be J.J.'s, Florida confronts him, but she's in for a surprise when Thelma claims it and has an even bigger surprise when she learns it belongs to Thelma's latest boyfriend.


8:00a    #007 – Junior Gets A Patron

J.J. is sure he's bound to make it big when he gets a patron in Leroy Jackson, who begins providing him with all the supplies he needs. However, when James discovers who the patron is, he forbids J.J. to be associated with him and J.J. responds by moving out. This leads to a confrontation at J.J.'s new apartment between James and Leroy.


8:30a    #008 – Junior the Senior

Florida and James are worried that J.J. won't pass into the 12th grade but when he gets his report card he did indeed pass but the grades seem to be a far cry from what they should be. This leads James and Florida to do a little investigating on their part.


9:00a    #009 – The Visitor

Michael submits a angry letter about the conditions in the Evans' apartment to a newspaper and gets an immediate response from a housing commission official who quickly finds himself stranded in the ghetto and experiences the conditions first hand.


9:30a    #010 – Springtime In The Ghetto

Florida is running in a cleanest apartment competition and is sure she will win. However, her chances are dashed when Michael tries to help someone in need and brings home Ned the Wino.


10:00a  #011 – The TV Commercial

Florida comes home from the supermarket with great news, she's been offered a role in a TV commercial. What's even better is the pay she will get, $5,000. However, once she reads the script and tests the product, Florida has second thoughts.


10:30a  #012 – The Check Up

Florida and the kids become concerned about James's health after reading an article in a magazine about hypertension. When he learns about their concerns, he goes through the roof and refuses to go in for a check up.


11:00a  #013 – My Son The Lover

A popular girl wants J.J. to paint her portrait and J.J. mistakenly assumes that they will become more serious when he makes plans to ask her to go steady. However, Florida and Thelma smell a rat.


11:30a  #014 – Florida Flips

Florida's strange behavior has the family and Willona wondering what's wrong with her. Michael thinks she's beginning menopause while Willona believes she's fed up with the boredom that comes with being a housewife.


12:00p  #017 – Crosstown Buses Run All Day, Doodah, Doodah

Michael has the chance to be bused to a better school in a white neighborhood but he is determined to get out of it. Florida and James first hear about the opportunity when his principal arrives to question them about their responses on a busing questionnaire that Michael responded to and forged his parents’ names.


12:30p  #018 – The Man I Most Admire

Michael must write an essay on the person whom he most admires. He first picks Florida for her strength and effort in keeping the family together. However, Florida points out that James may be the best person. However, James' recent actions in applying for a new job leave little to be admired.


1:00p    #019 – Thelma’s Young Man

Thelma's been seeing the same man for two months and hasn't introduced him to the family yet. However, when she comes home with an engagement ring, Florida and James demand that they meet him and they are in for a surprise when they finally do.


1:30p    #020 – The I.Q. Test

Michael, one of the brightest boys in his class, comes home with the news that he scored the lowest out of his whole class on an I.Q. test. Florida and James take an immediate trip to the school after they hear Michael's explanation.


2:00p    #021 – The Encyclopedia Hustle

An encyclopedia salesman is the last person James wants to see when he comes home from work. However, he softens when he learns the man is blind. This leads James to sign a contract and reads the fine print only after the man leaves.


2:30p    #022 – The Gang, Part 1 of 2

J.J. secretly has become a member of the Satan's Knights, a gang who are in the midst of a gang war with the Warlords. Two members and the leader of the Satan's Knights arrive at the Evan's home to escort a scared J.J. to a meeting place where the two gangs are to tangle. However, on the way there they run into James and Florida and a scuffle ensues leaving J.J. shot.


3:00p    #023 – The Gang, Part 2 of 2

J.J. is recovering after being shot by Mad Dog, which only turned out to be a flesh wound. Meanwhile, a vengeful James presses charges against Mad Dog but a worried Florida is afraid James's anger will take over before the law does.


3:30p    #024 – The Matchmaker

A wedding has Florida realizing that Willona is the only friend of hers left that isn't married. So this leads Florida to try her hand at matchmaking, and matches her with a friend of James'.


4:00p    #025 – The Windfall

James finds a bag of robbery loot adding up to $27,000. After some coaxing from Florida, James decides to turn it in. However, what Florida doesn't know is that there was $29,000 in the bag and James kept the other $2000.


4:30p    #026 – Sometimes There’s No Bottom in the Bottle

Cousin Naomi is visiting the Evans' for the Christmas season. However, her visit is not a happy one for Thelma, who discovers that Naomi is hiding a serious drinking problem.


5:00p    #027 – Florida’s Big Gig

James is sure he's going to get a sales position at a department store but when he brings Florida along on the interview he is in for a big surprise, the supervisor would rather hire Florida rather then him.


5:30p    #030 – The Family Business

Realizing his mechanical skills, Florida suggests that James open a fix-it shop but when they go to the bank, they're turned down for a loan. This leads James to set up shop right in the apartment, despite a clause in the lease.


6:00p    #031 – The Debutante Ball

J.J. is enchanted with his new girlfriend, Clarissa, and is all set to take her to a ritzy debutante ball. However, Clarissa has come to the Evans' apartment with some bad news, her parents won't let her go with J.J., citing that they think she's too good for him.


6:30p    #036 – Thelma’s Scholarship

Thelma has a chance at winning a scholarship to an exclusive boarding school in Michigan. However, even before she knows she won, a snobby girl from a fraternity comes around wanting Thelma to join and quickly discovers they just want her because she's black.


7:00p    #034 – My Girl Henrietta

J.J. suddenly begins searching for a full-time job and also begins discussing marriage to his steady girlfriend, Henrietta. However, everything seems to make sense to James and Florida when Henrietta walks through the door, pregnant.


7:30p    #032 – The Dinner Party

An elderly resident of the projects appears to be living on pet food after Michael takes out her garbage. The Evans family's attempt to do something for her is complicated when she brings a meat loaf to dinner and the kids suspect it is made from dog food.


8:00p    #001 – Too Old Blues

James is all excited because he's sure he's going to get a high paying job. However, at the interview, he learns that he's too old to join the company's union. Meanwhile, Florida and the kids get ahead of themselves and throw a celebration party for James unaware that he was rejected.


8:30p    #002 – Black Jesus

J.J.'s painting of a Black Jesus, becomes the family's good luck charm after a string of success hits each family member. However, Florida refuses to entertain the notion that the painting had anything to do with the recent string of "good times".


9:00p    #015 – JJ Becomes a Man, Part 1 of 2

J.J.'s 18th birthday has James and Florida in a fit when they find out they won't be able to give J.J. the art supplies he wanted because James' credit has been reduced to 0. After the birthday party, news hits the Evans family that J.J. has been arrested for robbing a liquor store.


9:30p    #016 – JJ Becomes a Man, Part 2 of 2

J.J. is taken down to the police station for questioning in the liquor store robbery. The family gathers there and tries to think up ways to raise enough money for J.J.'s bail and ultimately consider taking money from a loan shark.


10:00p  #062 – The Big Move, Part 1 of 2

The family is getting ready to move to Mississippi which is where James has gotten a promising new job. However, the family is waiting for the right time to tell Bookman the news. Later, Willona throws a going-away party but the happiness is interrupted by heartbreaking news that James has been killed in a car accident.


10:30p  #063 – The Big Move, Part 2 of 2

The death of James has J.J., Thelma and Michael overcome with grief and also leaves them wondering what is wrong with Florida, who hasn't cried once since she found out the news of James' death. During a get-together at the apartment after James' funeral, the kids plan to confront Florida, who is seen laughing and having a great time.


11:00p  #065 – Michael The Warlord

Widespread violence has been running rampant in the neighborhood and a large part of it is due to the street gang, the Warlords. While Florida and some concerned citizens discuss the problem, Michael does his best to conceal a secret from his mother, he himself is a member of the gang.


11:30p  #066 – Michael’s Great Romance

Michael is in love with Yvonne but every time he's around her he freezes. When Yvonne meets J.J. she instantly falls for him thus creating a sibling rivalry between Michael and J.J.


12:00a  #076 – Thelma’s African Romance, Part 1 of 2

Thelma organizes a boycott over the school cafeteria food which results in her suspension from college. Meanwhile, Thelma falls for a foreign exchange student and he makes a proposition, living together.


12:30a  #077 – Thelma’s African Romance, Part 2 of 2

Florida hits the roof when Thelma announces her plans of moving in with Ibe. However, things begin moving a little bit too fast when Ibe asks her to marry him and move to Nigeria.


1:00a    #039 – The Family Gun

When Florida and the kids discuss the unsafe conditions in the building and the neighborhood, James reveals his means of protection, a gun. Things get even more chaotic after Thelma is attacked and James goes to get the gun but discovers it missing.


1:30a    #040 – Operation Florida

Florida has had a pain in her side for the last two weeks but doesn't want to see a doctor out of fear of the cost. However, when James learns of her dilemma he decides to pay any cost for Florida's treatment, even after he learns she has to have a gallbladder operation.


2:00a    #042 – Florida’s Rich Cousin

Florida plans on borrowing money from her cousin to help pay some unexpected bills. James's pride stands in the way causing him to storm out to a bar, leaving Florida to learn about the shocking news about her seemingly wealthy cousin by herself.


2:30a    #044 – The Baby

Florida and the kids throw a baby shower for a friend, Loretta. However, the joyous occasion is dampened when Loretta announces her plans of giving the baby up for adoption.


3:00a    #052 – The Family Tree

Thelma researches her family tree for a school project and discovers James's father is very much alive and living in the Chicago area. However, when James learns that Thelma has invited him as a surprise for his birthday, he refuses to see him.


3:30a    #054 – JJ’s Fiancee, Part 1 of 2

J.J. and his girlfriend, Diana, are getting serious and the topic of marriage comes up, something which both J.J. and Diana both want. However, both of their parents are totally against the notion. Meanwhile, Diana is secretly hiding a drug problem.


4:00a    #055 – JJ’s Fiancee, Part 2 of 2

On the night of her senior prom, Diana decides to run off to Indiana and elope with J.J. Meanwhile, back in Chicago, switched purses leads the Evans family to discover Diana's drug problem and her supplier.



4:30a    #064 – JJ and the Older Woman

Thelma's teacher is awed by J.J.'s painting abilities and a romance soon develops between the two, despite an age difference. However, the age difference is a problem for one person, Florida who isn't quite sure of J.J.'s take on the relationship.


5:00a    #067 – Evans Versus Davis

Alderman Davis makes a visit to the Evans' household wanting J.J. to speak at his re-election campaign. However, when J.J. refuses, an eviction notice is immediately handed to Florida.


5:30a    #070 – Grandpa’s Visit

Grandpa Evans visits the family for Thanksgiving and brings along the lady in his life, Lena. However, when Florida learns of their "special" living arrangements she throws a tantrum over morals.



Sunday, July 24th

6:00a    #068 – JJ’s New Career, Part 1 of 2

After loosing his job, J.J. tries his best to find a job. However, when Bookman serves the Evans' family with an eviction notice due to late rent, J.J. decides to take a job offer from a couple of his shady friends. Meanwhile, Thelma contemplates dropping out of college to get a full time job and help the family out.


6:30a    #069 – JJ’s New Career, Part 2 of 2

J.J. is in the money, now that he has a new job working with two friends in a gambling operation. However, little does he know, the gambling business also includes prostitution and drugs. Meanwhile, Florida demands some answers from J.J. and kicks him out when she learns what line of work he is now in.


7:00a    #071 – Rich Is Better Than Poor…Maybe

Some good luck strikes the family when J.J. wins a lottery. However, the luck doesn't last long, that is until, Thelma's friend Edna shows up with her sister both wielding pistols and demanding the winning money.


7:30a    #072 – Florida’s Night Out

The kids feel Florida has been spending too much time alone and they decide to cancel their plans and spend an evening with her. But Florida surprises them all and goes out with Willona. Willona takes her to a local night spot where they have an exciting evening.


8:00a    #073 – The Judy Cohen Story

J.J. is managing Michael's singing group and gets them a gig at a local tavern. While there, J.J. comes across Judith Cohen, an act whom he knows will hit it big, given the right exposure.


8:30a    #074 – The Comedian and the Loan Sharks

J.J. borrows money from a loan shark to back his talented new comedian. However, within days, two thugs come to collect their money, money that J.J. doesn't have.


9:00a    #075 – The Hustle

Florida's bad mood prompts the kids to go into the underwear selling business in order to raise enough money to send Florida on a vacation to Lake Geneva.


9:30a    #078 – Willona’s Surprise

Willona gets a surprise for her birthday, a visit from her womanizing ex-husband, Ray. Ray does his best at convincing Willona that he's changed and she decides to try to start over with him. However, quickly his old ways surface and he begins making passes at Thelma.


10:00a  #079 – A Friend In Need

When Florida's away for the weekend, J.J., Thelma and Michael throw a wild party. However, it gets even wilder than they had dreamed of when one of the guests takes an overdose of pills and J.J. has to save his life.


10:30a  #080 – A Stormy Relationship

Florida is horrified to learn that Michael is harboring atheist attitudes planted by his boss. This leads Florida to confront Michael's boss and get to the bottom of the situation.


11:00a  #081 - Florida and Carl

A reluctant Florida agrees to go on a date with Carl. However, once at the restaurant, she gets into an argument with him ending with him walking out.


11:30a  #082 – My Son, the Father

J.J. is all excited about taking Michael to a father-son dinner but when Michael breaks the news that he invited Carl to take him, J.J. storms out.


12:00p  #083 – JJ In Business

J.J. and some of his friends have opened a greeting card business and they're all excited when they start getting large orders. However, their accountant has some bad news, they only have $68, so J.J. considers applying for a loan.


12:30p  #090 – Thelma Moves Out

Fed up with having no privacy and being burdened by two brothers, Thelma decides to move out and into an apartment that is shared by three other roommates.


1:00p    #091 – Willona, the Fuzz

Willona is offered a new job but her morals force her to refuse it. However, when Penny has her heart set on figure skating lessons, Willona decides to set her morals and values aside and take the job for the extra money.


1:30p    #092 - Wheels

J.J. and his friends become partners in the ownership of car, a car that they foolishly bought from Bookman. However, the quality of the car is minor compared to the constant fighting over who gets to use it.


2:00p    #093 – Breaker, breaker

Michael passes himself off as J.J. while using a CB radio and quickly discovers he's not the only one who's putting on an act. A girl he contacts who calls herself Fun Girl really turns out to be a paraplegic.


2:30p    #094 – Bye, Bye Bookman

The conditions in the building become to much for Willona, Penny and the Evans kids to bear so they decide to circulate a petition that would terminate Bookman as the superintendent. However, Bookman and his wife, hatch a plan to save his job.


3:00p    #095 – Thelma’s Brief Encounter

Thelma begins dating a man named Lloyd Williams, however, suspicions run rampant between J.J., Willona and Michael who become convinced he's married. However, J.J. makes a discovery that surprises everyone.


 3:30p    #096 – Requiem For A Wino

Fishbone, a wino, complains that he has no friends and quickly discovers he has many when a vagrant steals his wallet and is later killed in a car accident. Everyone assumes, Fishbone is the one that was killed and they hold a wake.


4:00p    #097 - Penny’s Christmas

After getting her wallet stolen, Penny steals a necklace from a department store in a desperate attempt to try to get Willona a Christmas gift. However, Penny's attempts may lead to Willona losing custody of her.


4:30p    #098 – No More Mr. Nice Guy

Michael's apathetic behavior towards household chores and homework leads J.J. to put his foot down and to step in as a father figure. He really comes down hard when Michael and Penny are arrested for being in a stolen vehicle.


5:00p    #099 – Willona’s Mr. Right

Willona's old boyfriend arrives back in town and asks Willona her hand in marriage. However, Willona turns him down since his job would have her and Penny constantly moving. Meanwhile, Penny, feeling like she's holding Willona back, decides to run away.


5:30p    #100 – JJ and The Boss’ Daughter

J.J. is given a sexy assistant, one whom he makes a play for immediately. However, later when he learns that she's the boss's daughter, he continues to go out with her thinking that it will give him special privileges with his boss.


6:00p    #102 – I Had A Dream

J.J. wants a promotion at work but a co-worker convinces him that the promotion will only go to a white man. This leads J.J. to have a crazy dream where he gets to experience being white.


6:30p    #101 – Where There’s Smoke

A hole has been burned into one of the couch cushions and J.J., Thelma and Michael each have their own versions of how it got there. However, Penny is the only person who knows the truth of how it really got there.


7:00p    #086 – The Evans Get Involved, Part 1 of 4

When a young girl, Penny Gordon follows J.J. home, she quickly insinuates herself into the Evans household and makes up stories about her life, including forgetting to mention she has an abusive mother. Florida calls from Arizona, which is where she is honeymooning with Carl.


7:30p    #087 - The Evans Get Involved, Part 2 of 4

Willona and the Evans children are convinced that Penny is being abused, but when Willona takes Penny to see a doctor about a broken arm, he refuses to believe she's being abused.


8:00p    #088 – The Evans Get Involved, Part 3 of 4

Willona and the Evans kids are stunned to discover that Penny and her mother have moved. They are equally stunned when they discover Penny hiding the Evans apartment. Later, Penny's abusive mother abandons her leaving Willona to ponder adopting the battered youth.


8:30p    #089 – The Evans Get Involved, Part 4 of 4

Willona worries over whether or not she will be able to adopt Penny. Meanwhile, a well meaning, Bookman, tries to help out by telling the social worker, that he's married to Willona, this only makes things worse when the social worker learns the truth.


9:00p    #110 – Florida’s Homecoming, Part 1 of 4

Thelma is marrying a college athlete and her mother is flying in from Arizona for the event.


9:30p    #111 – Florida’s Homecoming, Part 2 of 4

Florida arrives home after hearing the news of Thelma's engagement. However, Thelma's impending wedding may never take place, that is if she lets her pre-wedding jitters get the best of her. Meanwhile, J.J. loses his job.


10:00p  #112 – Florida’s Homecoming: The Wedding, Part 3 of 4

After losing his job, J.J. takes out a $1,000 loan from Sweet Daddy Williams, to pay for Thelma's wedding. The wedding finally goes off without a hitch, but after the ceremony the couples' exit down the aisle ends with Keith breaking his leg.


10:30p  #113 – Florida’s Homecoming: United We Stand, Part 4 of 4

After breaking his leg, Keith must face the fact that he's lost the $1,000,0000 dollar football contract and now he's unemployed and living in the ghetto. Meanwhile, Sweet Daddy Williams arrives at the Evans' home to collect the $1,000 loan he made with J.J. plus interest.


11:00p  #117 – Michael’s Decision

Michael is fed up with the apartment being cramped and makes a decision to move out which sends Florida in an uproar. However, this turns out to be just the tip of the iceberg when he also reveals that he plans to share an apartment with a white girl.


11:30p  #128 – The Physical

Florida discovers she must take and pass a physical examination to keep her bus driving job. However, the night before her physical is utter chaos ending with Michael landing in jail.


12:00a  #129 – A Matter Of Mothers

Willona's latest boyfriend, Jeffrey, has been showering her and Penny with extravagant gifts even though they've only been seeing one another for a couple months. Little does Willona know, that he is part of a plan to make Willona look like an unfit mother, a plan engineered by Penny's birth mother.


12:30a  #133 – The End Of The Rainbow

This final episode brings all too good news for the Evans family. J.J. gets an offer to a comic company, Keith's bad knee is miraculously healed and is offered another football contract, and Florida is asked if she wants to move in with Keith and Thelma in the fancy apartment building across town where Willona happens to be moving and just so happens to be her future next door neighbor.


1:00a    #107 – Willona’s New Job

Willona's boyfriend, Frank, continues his efforts to try to get her to marry him. Meanwhile, down at the boutique, Willona gets a promotion but Frank is determined to get her to turn down the offer.


1:30a    #109 – That’s Entertainment, Evans Style

            The Evanses put on a show to benefit the project's day-care center.


2:00a    #114 – Florida Gets A Job

Both Florida and J.J. are looking for work but neither are having any luck. One ad, in the newspaper, for part-time work as a school bus driver sparks Florida's attention, but when Alderman Fred Davis becomes involved, it appears Florida may not have a chance, because one of his relatives is also applying for the position.


2:30a    #115 – Stomach Mumps

Willona adamantly refuses to discuss the birds and the bees with Penny especially after Willona learns a 13-year old friend of Penny's is pregnant. This leads Willona to tell Penny, that her friend has stomach mumps and not to go near her.


3:00a    #116 – JJ The Teacher

J.J.'s student has to deal with a violent father who adamantly refuses to allow his son to take art lessons from J.J., even though J.J. offers to give them for free.


3:30a    #121 – The Traveling Christmas

When Keith's Scrooge-like boss at the taxi-cab company won't give him Christmas off, the Evans family brings their Christmas party to Keith and holds it at the company. J.J. hosts the festivities and it features Michael singing, Bookman (dressed as Santa) dancing, Keith doing impersonations & the girls (Florida, Penny, Willona & Thelma) portraying "The Pointless Sisters" doing "Steam Heat".


4:00a    #123 – Florida’s Favorite Passenger, Part 1 of 2

A student whom Florida drives to school on her bus, becomes the center of attention when Florida discovers he has a hearing problem and his mother refuses to believe Florida's suspicions.


4:30a    #124 – Florida’s Favorite Passenger, Part 2 of 2

After a near fatal accident, Larry's mother finally realizes that Larry has a hearing problem. Unable to take him to the doctor because she has to work, Mrs. Baker allows Florida to take him to the doctor, which is where Larry makes the announcement that he plans on running away from home.


5:00a    #131 – The Art Contest

J.J. has been contending with his art students and an upcoming art contest has J.J. sure that he will win. However, when J.J. forgets his entry he has Bookman bring his painting down, only to discover Bookman grabbed the wrong painting and J.J. doesn't discover this until he wins the award.


5:30a    #133 – The End Of The Rainbow

This final episode brings all too good news for the Evans family. J.J. gets an offer to a comic company, Keith's bad knee is miraculously healed and is offered another football contract, and Florida is asked if she wants to move in with Keith and Thelma in the fancy apartment building across town where Willona happens to be moving and just so happens to be her future next door neighbor.

Source: TV Land July 2005 Press Listings

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