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Purcell Tells 'Prison' Tales

(Posted September 28, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

LOS ANGELES ( NBC and CBS are doing shows about people who talk to ghosts, but Dominic Purcell of FOX's serialized drama "Prison Break" thinks he may have been touched by one.

He says it happened while filming on location in the 147-year-old Joliet Correctional Center outside of Chicago.

"I had something touch me on the neck other day. I looked around and thought, 'It's weird,' blew it off and didn't think about it too much. Then in the afternoon, one of the actors came to me and said, 'Did you just touch me on the shoulder?' 'No.'

"Then I went back to my little thing and said, 'Hmmm,' and the crew was starting to talk about weird stuff that's going on. But the prison's known to have been haunted for a long time."

In "Prison Break," airing Monday, Purcell plays Lincoln Burrows, a wrongly convicted (so we're led to believe) death-row inmate whose intentionally incarcerated brother (Wentworth Miller) is plotting an escape for the both of them (and an ever-increasing number of co-conspirators).

Rather than shoot on a Hollywood backlot, the show's producers chose to make use of Joliet -- which they call Fox River Penitentiary -- an imposing 1858 Victorian structure designed by Chicago Water Tower architect William Boyington.

Source: Zap2it

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