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  Sailor Moon

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1. A Moon Star is Born  ( January 10, 1995)

A clumsy girl named Serena Tsukino starts her day as normal; she's late to school! Along the way, she runs into some little kids poking at a hurt animal. She chases them away and sees its a black cat with a bandage on its head. She pulls the bandage off to reveal a crescent moon on the cat's forehead. She realizes she's still late and runs off. This cat's name is Luna, and she was sent here to find Sailor Moon. After failing another test, Serena goes to her best friend's (Molly) mother's jewelery shop (OSA-P) for a sale. Everything is 99% off! Serena decides to leave because of the crowd. She's resting when Luna breaks in and starts talking. Serena thinks she's crazy, but Luna gives her a locket with a moon on it. Serena picks it up and says the words Luna tells her to, "Moon Prism Power," and Serena transforms into Sailor Moon. Using her radars in her hair, Sailor Moon senses that Molly is in trouble. It seems Molly's mother is really a monster. Sailor Moon breaks in to stop her, but the monster attacks with hypnotised zombie people. Sailor Moon panics, but a red rose flies down. She looks up to find a caped man named Tuxedo Mask. Luna tells Sailor Moon to use her tiara on the monster. She uses "Moon Tiara Magic" and the monster turns to dust. This was an act of the evil Negaverse, out to collect human energy. Is Serena ready to protect the universe from evil?

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