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  Once And Again

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1. The Pilot/Boy Meets Girl  ( September 21, 1999)

Lily Manning, separated from her husband, and Rick Sammler, divorced for 3 years, meet by chance when her daughter, Grace, injures her ankle in a soccer game. Rick and Lily meet at their children's school and feel an immediate attraction. They date, but family problems interfere: Rick's son Eli is having trouble academically, and Lily's daughter Grace feels unpopular and unattractive. Rick and Lily are embarrassed when her children catch them entwined on the couch.

2. Let's Spend The Night Together  ( September 28, 1999)

Rick is embarrassed on a date with Lily when he runs into an ex-girlfriend. A rumor goes around school that it was Grace and Eli caught together, not their parents. Despite encouraging Eli to postpone sex, Rick decides the time is right for him and Lily. The couple fights memories of past heartache during their first night in bed.

3. The Scarlet Letter Jacket  ( October 5, 1999)

Grace has developed a crush on Eli, but a catty girl upsets her by telling her Eli thinks she's ugly. Meanwhile, Eliís father, Rick, and Lily ponder taking their relationship to the next level. A school carnival proves a catastrophe when Lily is assigned to the balloon booth with Rick's ex-wife Karen. Karen doesn't know about Rick and Lily's romance - until the other mothers tell her.

4. Liars and Other Strangers  ( October 12, 1999)

Rick and Lily, desperate for a place to be alone, make love in Judy's apartment. Judy meets Rick, and doesn't like him. Eli feels compelled to hide his father's blossoming romance from his mother.

5. There Be Dragons  ( October 19, 1999)

When Jesse gets her first period during a father-daughter outing, Rick is forced to realize that their relationship is changing. Rick introduces Lily to his kids under awkward circumstances. Jake and Lily meet for dinner, and he broaches the idea of getting back together, but Lily resists.

6. A Dream Deferred  ( October 26, 1999)

Lily faces the reality of being on her own and Judy begins to pull away from Lily. Judy wants to build a coffee bar in the bookstore, but the project turns personal when Rick takes over from Judy's carpenter crush. The bookstore can't support both sisters working full time, and Judy considers another job. Lily's money troubles lead her toward a formal separation from Jake.

7. The Ex-Files  ( November 2, 1999)

Being divorced means Karen and Rick must both go to Eli's weekend basketball tournament, creating some awkward moments for them. His team wins, but he badly injures his ankle. Meanwhile, Grace and Zoe meet their father's young girlfriend. Karen, realizing she's been alone too long, agrees to go out with a balding but devoted man.

8. The Past is Prologue  ( November 9, 1999)

Lily and Rick deal with the ghosts of their failed marriages. With Rick wrapped up in a project at work, Lily recalls the way Jake neglected - and ultimately betrayed - her. Rick recalls how his drive for success doomed his first marriage. Meanwhile, Eli's frustration with his schoolwork reaches new depths. He eventually fails another test and admits he has trouble reading.

9. Outside Hearts  ( November 16, 1999)

When Lily goes away on a business trip, Judy allows Grace (and Rick and Karen allows Eli), to attend a teenage party that quickly gets out of control. Eli breaks his promise not to drink at the party, and has to call Rick for a ride home.

10. Thanksgiving  ( November 23, 1999)

Lily refuses to include Jake in Thanksgiving dinner, but her visiting parents invite him anyway. Her father has difficulty in deciding whose side of the divorce to support. Lily's mother is shocked when Lily sneaks out to meet Rick.
Later, Lily's father admits he loved someone else but kept his marriage together, and encourages Lily to do the same.

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