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  Rescue Me

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14. Voicemail  ( June 21, 2005)

In the opener to the second season, troubled Tommy Gavin is having a difficult time adjusting to life at his new uneventful firehouse after the volatile split with his old crew. On top of this he is still looking for his missing wife who has kidnapped his three children and he has to come to terms with the fact that his dead cousin’s wife is pregnant with his baby. His frustrations come to a head and he has a meltdown with a street vendor selling 9/11 memorabilia.

15. Harmony  ( June 28, 2005)

In an effort to get more time off to search for his wife and kids, Tommy joins the new firehouse’s Barbershop Quartet. Meanwhile back at the old station, Lou and Chief Reilly conspire to get Tommy back, but the rest of the crew has grown fond of his replacement.

16. Balls  ( July 5, 2005)

Tommy's fate in the firehouse depends on vote by the crew. They must all vote for Tommy and against Sully, the new guy. Tommy reunites with his dad, who has recently gotten married. Franco and Laura's relationship grows, as well as another “relationship” Franco has going. And Sully’s secret is revealed, shocking all.

17. &#!&  ( July 12, 2004)

Tommy asks his cousin for help in understanding the bizarre visions he's been having. After she cops up to taking offense to Lou’s comment, the crew tries to help Laura understand the essence of male camaraderie. The whole conversation goes nowhere and the whole ladder 62 crew has to take a “sensitivity class”.

18. Sensitivity  ( July 19, 2005)

Tommy has a chance at finding his kids with help from his oldest daughter. Chief Jerry asks his son for help when his wife's condition worsens. Tommy also finds out some shocking news about his father and learns he may have more then one relative working as a priest.

19. Reunion  ( July 26, 2005)

Tommy seeks the truth about Sheila while trying to get his kids back. Lou does not like the person he has saved through a bone marrow donation. Franco's addiction puts those he loves at risk; and he’ll end up wanting to find a reason to stop. Sean's new girlfriend habitually dates firemen and turns out to like to use certain skills to attract them.

20. Shame  ( August 2, 2005)

Franco's addiction to painkillers has driven him to a support group to get help with his problem. A young boy clings to life after Tommy saves him from a fire. Jerry is introduced to his gay son's life partner.

21. Believe  ( August 9, 2005)

Jerry forces the crew to attend a birthday party that his son is throwing for his boyfriend. Meanwhile, Tommy makes a move on Marial after she tells him she might not be his half sister after all. Franco asks Laura to move in with him while Sheila tries to make Tommy jealous by showing off her new girlfriend.

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