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  Degrassi: The Next Generation

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201. When Doves Cry (1)  ( September 29, 2002)

When Degrassi merges with the nearby high school, bring grades 9-12, the school faces budget problems. Meanwhile, Craig has been eyeing is stepdad and his family.

202. When Doves Cry (2)  ( September 29, 2002)

While Out, Craig returns to a trashed darkroom, and amad father. We soon find out that Craig is abused. Craig decides he has to get out, so he packs up and leaves. He runs into Sean and the both of them start talking. Craig then breaks out his plan to move to British Columbia. When Sean disaproves, Craig gets emotional and plays chicken on the Train tracks, with an oncomming train in the distance. On the brink of the moment, Sean pushes Craig out of the way saving both of them. Stil emotional, Craig runs away. Scared about his friend, Sean seeks the help of Emma and Joey. They find Craig at the cemetary, infront of his moms grave. Joey proposes that Craig live with him.

203. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun  ( October 6, 2002)

Emma and Manny decided to crash the 9th grade dance. Meanwhile, Emma has trouble accepting that her mom is dating her Media Immersion teacher

204. Karma Chameleon  ( October 13, 2002)

Ashley tries to get her friends back, and is excited till she meets up with Jimmy, and he calls her a slut, then karma takes over and she finds that she wont get her friends back. Toby takes a liking in Spinners sister Kendra

205. Weird Science  ( October 20, 2002)

When Manny accidentals blabs that Emmas mom is dating Mr. Simpson, some of the science fair contestants start to think that Emma would win cause she has ties with one of the Judges. Meanwhile, Spinner has a little problem that seems to pop up unexpectaly.

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