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  Degrassi: The Next Generation

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101. Mother and Child Reunion (1)  ( October 14, 2001)

It is now 14 years later and Spikes daughter, Emma, is now a teenager. She met a new boy online, Jordan, and plans to meet him in the local hotel. Meanwhile, Spike and the old gang attend a reunion for the first time in awhile, and people get to see the old Degrassi cast.

102. Mother and Child Reunion (2)  ( October 14, 2001)

In part 2 of Child and Mother Reunion, wwe find Emma at the hotel, waiting for Jordsn. While waiting in the lobby, Jordans "teacher", greets Emma and invites her to his hotel room, saying that Jordan would be there soon. As soon as they get there, Emma notices something...The "teacher" is Jordan! Fighting for her life, Emma runs to the bathroom and locks herself in there until, Spike and Archie come to the rescue

103. Family Politics  ( November 4, 2001)

Ashley wants to run for school president, but not all goes well when her step-brother Toby decides to enter his best friend JT to go against her.

104. Eye Of The Beholder  ( November 11, 2001)

Terri's nervousness isnt aided when Paige gets her drunk before the school dance, ruining her time with spinner. Toby and JT skip the dance and instead, look up porn at Tobys house.

105. Parent's Day  ( November 18, 2001)

Toby is uneasy about the upcomming Parents Day, cause he knows that his Mother and Father always fight. Paige and Ash try to get the attention of Toby's mom

106. The Mating Game  ( November 25, 2001)

Ashley decides to take her relationship with Jimmy to the next level when she is told that she is too boring. Meanwhile, Toby has been trying to get the attention of Emma by choosing an endangered animals for his Media Immersion

107. Basketball Diaries  ( December 2, 2001)

Jimmy will do anything to make the basketball team, and that includes taking steriods.

108. Secrets and Lies  ( December 9, 2001)

Liberty has acrush on JT, but JT dosent have a crush on Liberty, so he acts gay to cross her signals and to get her off his trail. Meanwhile, Ashleys dad pays her a visit and tells her why he and her mom are not together.

109. Comming of Age  ( December 16, 2001)

Ashley grows tired of always having Jimmy around

110. Rumours And Reputations  ( January 6, 2002)

Emma is lead to believe that Mr. Armstrong and Liberty are more than just student/teacher, when she sees them passing nots and spending time with eachother. So she unintentially starts a rumor about them. Meanwhile, Spinner tries to convince the school that the caf is infested with bugs when he finds an earwig in his school lunch.

111. Friday Night  ( January 27, 2002)

After recieving a detetion from Mrs. Kwan, they decided to take revenge and vandalive her car. Sean and Emma have their first official date

112. Wannabe  ( February 3, 2002)

Emma starts accusing the cheerleading squad of being sexist, but soon learns that she might jeprodize her friend ship with Manny, when Manny tries out for the squad. Meanwhile, Spinner, JT, and Toby scour the school for the ace of clubs.

113. Cabaret  ( February 17, 2002)

Ash and Terri are doing just fine preparing for the talent show, until Paige wants in on the action.

114. Under Pressure  ( February 24, 2002)

Tensions rise are exams grow closer. Jimmy and Sean plan to fight after school. Meanwhile, Spinner tries to catch Terri's flu to get out of taking exams

115. Jagged Little Pill  ( March 3, 2002)

Its finally summer, and Ashley decided to have a party, but all goes wrong when someone brings E to the party.

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