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  The Green Hornet

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1. The Silent Gun  ( September 9, 1966)

A man falls dead at his father's funeral. He had been shot, but no one in attendance saw a gun flash or heard a gun being fired. The man's late father had designed a silent gun for use in World War II, and now criminals have one. Britt has to devise a plan for the Green Hornet to recover the gun before one of two rival crime bosses can use it to terrorize the city.

2. Give 'Em Enough Rope  ( September 16, 1966)

A man looking to sell information about an insurance scam is murdered before he can sell the information to Mike. Undaunted, Mike writes his story anyway, leading to a lawsuit filed against the Sentinel. Britt must find the man behind the scam and prove he is faking his injury in order to save the paper and Mike's life.

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