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> Season 5

76. Bombshell  ( September 24, 1994)

Alex has a conjugal visit with Big Al, who is in a country-club-type prison. Big Al plans to sell his beloved Pricetown to his arch rival, "Aaron the Bargain Baron" so he can pay his debt to the IRS. When Alex learns of this, she challenges Aaron to a poker game -- winner take all. Despite the fact that Alex doesn't know how to play poker! Meanwhile, Georgie is back in the real estate business to help pay the costs of going to therapist Dr. David Caspian. In her therapy, Georgie begins to believe that she was molested by her father. She tells her husband, John and then reluctantly tells Bea and her sisters. None of them believe Georgie. Teddy has recurring nightmares that Falconer died in a plane crash. The newlyweds find a house in the suburbs. Their happiness abruptly ends when Falconer, who is testifying against a gangster, is blown up in his car while Teddy watches helplessly.

94. Judgment Day  ( April 1, 1995)

Alex goes on trial to fight the murder charge. She learns that the judge trying the case is biased -- and not in her favor. Meanwhile, Teddy meets Daniel Albright's wife, Cynthia, and confides in her the real reason that she's staying close to Albright. Teddy also learns that Daniel is beating Cynthia, who finally leaves him and without revealing Teddy's confidence to her husband. Teddy's daughter, Cat, is tired of having a married boyfriend and ends the relationship after seeing him with his wife and two children.

95. Word of Honor  ( April 8, 1995)

After his wife leaves him, Daniel Albright asks Teddy to move in with him and proposes marriage. Teddy thinks that this will give her a good opportunity to obtain evidence on Albright's illegal activities. Unfortunately, Albright's henchman, Martin, discovers that Lucky is still alive, meaning Teddy staged her shooting of him. However, before Martin can do any real harm, Lucky and Teddy let the police know about a heroin stash in Albright's airplane. Albright is arrested.
Meanwhile, after dealing with an annoying hypochondriac patient, Charley decides to return to her work at the clinic instead of remaining at the posh medical firm. By reluctantly hosting a pledge drive for public television, Alex helps Norma get a permanent position at the TV station as executive producer of 'Alex Reborn,' with Alex as the star.

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