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> Season 4

57. A Kick in the Caboose  ( October 16, 1993)

Alex, Georgie, Frankie and Teddy meet in their favorite booth at the Sweet Sixteen, a 1950s cafe, to celebrate its thirty-fifth anniversary. The next day at a church seminar, Alex gives an inspirational talk to other cancer survivors like herself. After the program, Norma Lear, producer of Harry Busby's local TV talk show, asks Alex to appear as a guest on the show. After Harry chokes and dies while laughing at one of Alex's jokes, and Norma talks Alex into replacing Harry. Wanting to be close to Cat while she recovers from her rape, Teddy stays at Mitch's house. Soon, Teddy and Mitch mull reconciliation. Georgie is upset when the Sweet Sixteen burns down. Frankie and Georgie try to convince the owners of the "Sweet Sixteen" ice cream shop to rebuild. Frankie comforts Georgie with news that she bought what's left of the Sweet Sixteen and wants Georgie to be her business partner.

58. Sleepless in Winnetka  ( October 23, 1993)

When Kyle Parks, Cat’s attacker, makes bail Teddy begs Detective Falconer (George Clooney) to help them. Alex lets John make a musical appearance on the show, after which Alex's producer, Norma, asks John to sing on a regular basis. Frankie enjoys running her new purchase, the old Sweet Sixteen Cafe. She is also very excited about the new man she is corresponding with over her computer. Cat demands that Teddy let her continue to be free, but has a later run in with Kyle.

59. The Good Daughter  ( October 30, 1993)

Kyle Parks is brought to trial. Teddy is afraid that Kyle's defense attorney, Barbara Buckley, will try to Kyle off for Cat‘s rape. But Teddy notices a quiet young woman, Mary McConnell, who attends the trial every day and learns that Mary was also raped by Kyle. Unfortunately, the judge refuses to allow Mary's testimony during Cat's trial.

After listening to many days of testimony about rape, Georgie has some disturbing reminiscences. She confesses to her sisters that when she was 18, a young boyfriend raped her. She suppressed the bad memory for all these years.

61. A Bolt from the Blue  ( November 13, 1993)

Frankie owning the Sweet Sixteen Café, takes a chance and hires her nephew Trevor as cashier. Frankie sees Trevor take money and later confronts Trevor, who denies stealing the money. While helping Truman plan a surprise birthday party for Bea; Alex notices that his behavior is strange. When Truman becomes disoriented on various occasions, Alex takes Truman to a doctor who explains that Truman has Alzheimer's. Truman begs Alex not to tell Bea.

And Simon Bolt comes back from the dead! Presumed dead, Simon confesses that he staged his death to escape the pressures of the business world. He claims he's on his way to Tahiti, where he intends to live. Teddy lets Simon stay with her for a few days, but it soon becomes apparent he has no intention of leaving. Falconer tells Teddy he doesn't want to see her until she resolves her relationship with Simon.

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