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> Season 2

8. One to Grow On  ( September 21, 1999)

After being diagnosed with Leukemia, Evan starts chemotherapy treatments. This serves to prompt John into sanity. Georgie wants Evan to have a quiet tenth birthday, but Alex disagrees and plans an extravagant party for him. Teddy tries to reconnect with Cat, who is staying with her father, Mitch. But Teddy has started drinking again, and Georgie forces her to move out of their house. When a client wants Frankie to fly to Tokyo on the day of Evan's party, she feels guilty. Bea talks Teddy into going to Alcoholics Anonymous with her. And Evan thinks he's going to die because everybody is making his party into such a big event. Georgie explains that it's just to make his birthday extra special because he isn't feeling well. And Frankie makes it to Evan party before her flight.

9. The Picture of Perfection  ( September 28, 1991)

John continues to receive orders for his vocal tape while he tries to help Mitch with his finances. Mitch needs $25,000 to keep his fish market open. Georgie suggests that he borrow the money from Frankie, but Mitch disagrees. Teddy meets Hank Seawell, a prestigious photographer whose pictures of the homeless she once tried to paint. Seawell has been hired by Alex to take photos of her and Wade. At Teddy's suggestion, Alex decides to spend more quality time with Wade and gets tickets to an interactive theatre show. One of the stars of the show, Tiffany Blue, happens to be having an affair with Wade. Finally, Mitch reluctantly forms a financial partnership with Frankie to save his fish market. When they go to City Hall to file the partnership papers, they decide to get married instead.

10. Strikes and Spares  ( October 5, 1991)

Alex and Wade meet with their lawyers to negotiate their divorce settlement. Meanwhile, Frankie savors her secret marriage to Mitch. Alex tells her sisters that Wade is trying to kill her, but no one believes the overemotional Alex. Wade discovers that his girlfriend, Tiffany Blue, has hired a hit man to kill the troublesome Alex. Wade thwarts the attempt on Alex's life and decides Alex can have everything she wants in the divorce settlement.
Frankie finally tells Teddy about the marriage. Teddy, who has just discovered she is pregnant by Mitch, remains silent. Georgie seeks the advice of her sisters about bowling in a tournament. She feels it may be wrong to have fun while her son is so seriously ill. Georgie decides to bowl in the tournament and enjoys helping her team win.

11. Living Arrangements  ( October 12, 1991)

While Alex is depressed about her failed marriage, Frankie and Mitch prepare to make their secret marriage public. When Cat learns the news of Frankie and Mitch‘s marriage, she runs away, bringing Teddy and Mitch together and making Frankie feel left out. Although Teddy is pregnant by Mitch, she cannot make herself tell him.
Meanwhile, Alex decides she wants to be more free-spirited like her sister Teddy. She starts dressing like Teddy - with a leather jacket and a pair of blue jeans - a far cry from Alex’s usual silk or designer wears. At the height of her breach of insanity, Alex even jumps in a fountain like her sister once did. Teddy, feeling less than free at the moment, goes to get an abortion but ends up having a change or heart - even if it means a change of lifestyle.

12. A Kiss is Still a Kiss  ( October 19, 1991)

Alex worries about attending her high school reunion due to her pending divorce. However, at the reunion, she sees fellow classmate, David, who cares little about her success and genuinely likes her. Meanwhile, Frankie, now married to Mitch, finds a condom inside one of Cat's books, “Little Women“. Mitch, Frankie and Teddy are worried until they learn that the condoms were given out in Cat's health class. Alex spends a romantic weekend with David who teaches her to stop caring so much about what other people think.
Bea begins dating Judge Truman Ventner, who previously revoked her newly restored driver's license. Eventually, Bea lets Truman kiss her and finds she enjoys it. After a lull in the romance department, Georgie and John rekindle their sexual attraction. But when Frankie discovers what has happened in David’s past might just change the future for him and Alex.

13. Freedom's Just Another Word  ( November 2, 1991)

Hank Seawell and Teddy prepare for the opening of Hank's photography exhibit, a major event, hosted by the Hospital Women's League and Alex, the new Chairperson. Wade brings his young girlfriend to the event. Prompting Alex to bring a handsome but inarticulate man, Victor, who just so happens to be working on her toilet at the time. While trying to make Wade jealous she may have started another fire.

When the photos of Teddy (naked) are unveiled, an irate councilman closes the exhibit. John is insulted while a guest on a popular radio show, his children's favorite.

14. The Family Way  ( November 9, 1991)

When Georgie misses Trevor's soccer game because she has to take Evan to the doctor, Trevor breaks the windows of a vacant house. When Teddy tells her friend, Hank, that she is pregnant, he asks her to move to New York with him. Teddy finally tells the rest of her family about her pregnancy, omitting who's baby it is. While not entirely shocked by Teddy’s news, given her history, are not happy either. And although Mitch wants to claim the child as his, he's uncertain what to tell Frankie, his wife. Meanwhile, Alex decides to pursue a career in interior design, starting with her mother's apartment. While redecorating, Georgie and Alex accidentally walk in on Bea and Truman in a compromising position.

15. The Kindless of Strangers  ( November 16, 1991)

Alex's sisters talk her into joining a computer dating service. Victor, a plumber's apprentice, overhears and asks her out. Alex refuses and goes out with a computer match, which turns out to be a disaster. Alex goes out with Victor, gets drunk and wakes up in bed with him the next morning. John and Georgie fight with their neighbor, Mr. Rattner, about their tree that drops leaves in his yard. Evan, whose leukemia prevents him from playing with friends, is up in the tree when Mr. Rattner cuts it down. Frankie has to make a big effort to get along with her abrasive mother-in-law, Naomi Margolis. Finally, Alex surprises Victor by showing up at the pool hall for a date with him.

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