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> Season 1

1. Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On  ( May 11, 1991)

Beatrice, the windowed mother of the four Reed sisters must consider selling the family home, a something she's totally unprepared for. Her daughters. Alex, Georgie, Teddy and Frankie are brought together by the sale of their family home and the passing of their father. Georgie, herself, must deal with her unemployed husband who spends all his time in his bathrobe, perfecting his lounge act. Teddy, who hasnít been around for sometime, is back to reclaim Mitch, her ex-husband and father to her daughter. She's surprised to find out that her baby sister, Frankie, now has him. The four women put their own problems aside, however, when their mother, is involved in a car accident. Together they join forces to help their mother accept the loss of her husband and deal with her alcoholism.

2. 80%  ( May 18, 1991)

While planning her fifteenth anniversary party, Alex secretly hires a private investigator to see if her husband is having an affair. Teddy and her teenage daughter, Cat, have moved in with Georgie and her family. Fearing what she may find, Alex asks Georgie to go with her to a hotel room where the private detective last saw Wade. Georgie and Alex find Wade, alone and dressed in women's lingerie. Alex spends the night with her slightly alcoholic mother, then decides to go through with the party and leave Wade afterwards. But Wade tells Alex he still loves her and asks her to reconsider.

3. A Thousand Sprinkles  ( May 25, 1991)

Leaning heavily on Frankie's guilty conscience, Georgie convinces her to hire Teddy at her office. Teddy reluctantly accepts an entry-level position, but soon finds it intolerable to have her younger sister boss her around as well as date her ex-husband. When the office has a computer malfunction, Teddy gets blamed and fired. Once the source of the problem is discovered, Frankie realizes she has accused the wrong person. Ashamed for being so judgmental, she offers to hire Teddy back. Teddy has already found a new job, but she accepts Frankie's apology and, in a burst of sisterly goodwill, offers to help her restore the computer data.

4. Devoted Husband, Loving Father  ( June 1, 1991)

On the one-year anniversary of their father's death, the Reed sisters gather at his gravesite to honor his memory. They arrive in time to see a mysterious woman place red roses on their father's grave. The woman turns out to be Dr. Reed's nurse of many years, Belle Aderlee. When Frankie presses for further details, the nurse suggests she ask her mother for the story. Over the protests of her sisters, Frankie confronts her mother. She answers the question by reading a letter their father left behind. Meanwhile, Georgie considers romance with an old flame, who returns to town for his motherís funeral. Later, as the girls sort through their mixed feelings, they decide to remember their father as a loving parent, who happened to be very human as well.

5. Of Mice and Women  ( June 8, 1991)

Georgie has always been quiet and timid, but since her husband, John, has been out of work, she's forced herself to speak up more at the office. Consequently, she now faces the awesome task of having her boss come to the house for dinner. Alex is in shambles over her plastic surgeon husband, Wade and his money mishaps. After a fight with Frankie, Mitch calls a party line and unknowingly gets Teddy.

Later, Frankie has some news to share about her and Teddy's ex-husband, Mitch. Teddy is shocked by the revelation. In the midst of this, Georgie carves the stuffed goose and finds her son's missing pet cooked inside. Later, as they all share a pizza, Georgie is given a promotion by her boss. His logical is that anyone able to handle such an evening would have no trouble managing a busy, high-pressure office.

6. Deja Vu All Over Again  ( June 15, 1991)

Frankie is finally marrying Mitch. Alex has decorated her house for the big event, but there is still controversy whether or not Teddy will come. Just as expected, Teddy comes through with a less then enthused attitude about the event. Teddy reveals to Mitch who he was actually talking to on the phone. Deciding itís a sign, Frankie informs Mitch that she can't go ahead with the wedding.

Meanwhile, Alex is paid a visit from Wadeís business partners. They know Wade has left and want Alex to reimburse them for their loses.

7. Some Tuesday in July  ( June 22, 1991)

Georgie is not prepared for the situation fate suddenly bestows upon her. Her youngest son, Evan, is diagnosed with leukemia. Georgie and husband, John, begin a constant vigil at the hospital. Evan has a good chance of recovery, but there is a long battle ahead for him. Alex, Teddy and Frankie worry in private, because Georgie hasn't given in to her feelings, instead, remaining stoic and in control. Meanwhile, Teddy makes plans to leave town.

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