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  The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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1. When Pants Attack  ( July 20, 2002)

Jimmy inserts a smart chip in his pants so that they will fold and put themselves away. But it goes horribly wrong.

2. Normal Boy / Birth of a Salesman  ( September 6, 2002)

Jimmy invents a machine that reduces his brain power; a robotic salesman should win the school's candy-selling contest.

3. Brobot / The Big Pinch  ( September 13, 2002)

Jimmy constructs the little brother he never had; Jimmy uses his Time Pincher to bring Thomas Edison to the present.

4. Granny Baby / Time Is Money  ( September 20, 2002)

Jimmy gives his Granny a youth tonic; Jimmy goes back in time and gives his parents an investment tip.

5. Raise The Oozy Scab / I Dream of Jimmy  ( September 27, 2002)

Jimmy and Cindy collaborate on a science project; Jimmy invents a machine to try to cure Carl's nightmares.

6. Jimmy On Ice / Battle of the Band  ( October 4, 2002)

Jimmy accidentally plunges Retroville into a new Ice Age; Jimmy, Carl and Sheen start a band for the school talent contest.

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