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  Mew Mew Power

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> Season 1

1. The Main Mew's Muse  ( February 19, 2005)

When Dren contaminates five trees in the city, one of them being a tree that Zoey's boyfriend Mark holds dear, can Zoey find the heart to destroy it and save the city from being suffocated?

2. The Mew Kid in Town  ( February 26, 2005)

Zoey Hanson is an average high-school student on a date, when the impending danger of a rat monster causes her to transform into a cat-like version of herself.

3. Mew Two  ( March 5, 2005)

Zoey gets a job at Mew Mew Cafe, and learns she must find the other Mew Mews. One of them, Corina Bucksworth, is a clean freak.

4. Pooltergeist  ( March 12, 2005)

After overhearing rumors of a ghost a school, Corina and Zoey decide to investigate. What they find there will surprise you!

5. The Lion Thing  ( March 19, 2005)

Zoey is on a date at the petting zoo with Mark, and everything seems to be going fine, until Dren shows up.

6. Gymewstics  ( March 26, 2005)

The gymnastics team sees Zoey doing a backflip and want her to join. After seing an opportunity to impress Mark, Zoey works hard but what happenes when Dren shows up?

7. Party Till You Mew  ( April 2, 2005)

Elliot holds a party, hoping to draw out the other girls that were hit with his DNA ray. But when Dren crashes the party,a young Hispanic singer becomes an unwilling guinea pig when he decides to try and fuse her soul with one of his infusers. Can the Mew Mews stop the party crasher?

8. Monkey See, Monkey Mew  ( April 9, 2005)

Zoey meets Kikki, a performer in a park who notices Zoey going through one of her breakdowns with her tail and ears sprouting. But what happens when Dren goes after Kikki's spirit?

9. Spa Blahs  ( April 16, 2005)

Bridget receives a ticket for a new spa being made in the mountains. The girls encounter Marco, a boy who almost looks like Mark who doesn't want developers building on the mountain. It would be enough to anger the spirit of Ishioshi. What will happen?

10. Do Mew Want to Dance?  ( April 23, 2005)

Corina seems to be even more on the edge lately. The girls find out that it's because her brother Sergio is being forced to go to a college event the night of her first big dance recital. Can Corina's friends help Sergio remember the promise he and Corina made as children?

11. Hollywood Mew Mew  ( April 30, 2005)

Someone is eliminating Predacytes! Zoey, Corina, Bridget, and Kikki believe it to be the 5th Mew Mew and when comparing the picture sized believe it to be supermodel Renée Roberts. Are they right? And what does Dren have planned for her?

12. The Taming of the Mew  ( May 7, 2005)

The Mew Mews try to get Renée to join their team. Things get worse when Dren sends Corina, Bridget, and Kikki into a dark dimension. Zoey must find a way to get Renée to join their team, free the others, and defeat Dren's Annie Conda monster.

13. Slime and Slime Again  ( May 14, 2005)

After what happened in the last episode, Zoey is worried that Mark might find out her secret. On the day of the Kendo tournament that Mark is in, Dren attacks Mark with an Amoeba Predacyte. Will Zoey be brave enough to defeat Dren's Predacyte and keep Mark from getting killed.

> Season 2

14. Butterflies are Freaky  ( September 10, 2005)

This episode pretty much picks up where Episode 13 left off. Tarb and Sardon taunt Dren, saying that he shouldn't have fallen in love with the enemy. Sardon assures that they will be able to handle the Mew Mews without his help. The main plot of this episode, however, is about Wesley's ex-girlfriend that he is still very much hung up on. His girlfriend, Chrys, is still hung up on him too. The girls work on trying to bring the two together after Zoey reveals that she has been talking to Chrys for a while. Just when they've convinced Wesley to give it another shot, Tarb and Sardon turn up with a new predacyte. The predacyte is borrowing Chrys' soul!!! Can the mew mews defeat the predacyte? Will Wesley get the chance he's been hoping for for years?

15. The Hero Lies In Mew  ( September 17, 2005)

While trying to prove himself in battle, Mini Mew gets swallowed by Tarb's predacyte!! The girls scraamble to find him, while Sardon and Tarb try to get information out of the little guy.

16. Books of Love  ( September 24, 2005)

Bridget has a crush on a college guy. It seems to be going well, and she's about to tell him how she feels when Sardon shows up with a few knowledge hungry predacytes! Does Bridget get the guy? And what could Sardon possibly want with a library full of books?

17. A Knight to Remember  ( October 1, 2005)

Zoey and Mark plan a day trip to kick off summer vacation, while the Cyniclons come up with a genius tactic to take down the Mew Mews once and for all. While Sardon and Tarb wreak havoc in the park, Dren pays a house call to the bed-ridden Zoey. When things look their grimmest, a mysterious ally steps in to help. Who is this...Blue Knight?

18. My Knight in Blue Armor  ( October 8, 2005)

The fight between the Blue Knight and Dren continues. Dren's jealousy is revealed when he claims that Zoey is his. Elsewhere in the park Kikki,Bridget and Corina have their hands full fighting off Sardon and Tarb's various predacytes. The mystery of Blue Knight is still up in the air.

19. A Girl With a Porpoise  ( October 15, 2005)

Elliot and Wesley treat the girls to a beach get away. Everyone seems to be having a good time except Bridget, who has a secret: She can't swim. When Sardon and Tarb turn up, can Bridget overcome her fear of water to save a new friend?

20. Daughter of the Year  ( October 22, 2005)

Kikki has a cold, and it is revealed that she raises a sister and three brothers. Zoey, Corina, and Bridget offer to help, Kikki tries to refuse.

21. One Flew Out of the Mew Mew's Nest  ( October 29, 2005)

Corina has a fight with Zoey and quits the Mew Mews; a new substance known as Blue Aqua is discovered.

22. Buggin'  ( November 5, 2005)

Zoey is swamped by homework...and cicadas! What's a procrastinator to do?

23. I Have a Crush on Mew  ( November 12, 2005)

Zoey is caught in the middle when two of her best friends develope crushes on Wesley and Elliot.

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