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  Father Of The Pride

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> #6 - Possession

Searching for a way to satisfy Kate's desire for spontaneity, Larry relies on his natural instincts and steals Blake and Victoria's big screen television. However, while this new life of crime heats up their love life, the lions find themselves in the midst of an animal dragnet. Meanwhile, a distraught Siegfried and Roy search for the perfect gift for their white lions in the hopes of preventing the performing big cats from feeling slighted by the magician's recent showering of gifts on the tigers, and Sarmoti teaches Hunter how to be an African warrior lion.

Original Air Date: October 12, 2004

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Hunter debating with himself on whether or not to kill grandpa is like when Golum debated with himself on whether or not to kill Frodo in Lord of the Rings.

Although not directly identified as such, it would seem safe to assume that the shunned tiger playing ping pong who 'broke the rule of law' is supposed to represent the tiger who attacked Roy Horn in October 2003. 

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