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  Father Of The Pride

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> #4 - Donkey

With the entire secret garden in a frenzy over the arrival of famed animal actor Donkey in town shooting a commercial, local celebrity Larry speaks to Hunter's class for career day. However, when his classroom performance falls flat, Larry attempts to wow his son's friends by promising a visit from his alleged good friend Donkey. Meanwhile, alarmed by the appearance of a small family owned bed-and-breakfast on the Vegas strip, Siegfried and Roy vow to take up the fight to help maintain corporate America's stranglehold on sin city.

Original Air Date: September 21, 2004

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Eddie Murphy did reprise his role as “Donkey”, from the Shrek movies, in this episode. But ironically, the actor who performed the voice of Jermece, Donkey's look-alike, was Mark Moseley, who is Eddie Murphy's SOUND-alike.

When NBC reran this episode at 8:30 on October 12, the pan shot of Seigfreid's and Grandma Wilson's clothing thrown on the floor is replaced with a shot of the exterior of the house.


Donkey: You know how many times I had to hear "Donkey's an ass. Donkey's an ass" Alright I get it! They're synonyms. I hate synonyms Larry! !


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