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  Father Of The Pride

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> #1 - What's Black and White and Depressed All Over?

In the quest to create a panda-breeding program, Siegfried and Roy import one of the few remaining male pandas to the secret garden for an intimate rendezvous with the community's romantically challenged female panda Foo-Lin. However, when Larry and Kate play matchmaker in order to speed up nature, they end up disrupting the complex process of panda-mating.

Original Air Date: August 31, 2004

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
In the debut premiere, there is a scene involving Mr. Right's penchant for licking and Larry's lack of sex that was cut from subsequent NBC airings. And in the previews, Foo-Lin's cat, Mr. Right, speaks with a feminine voice. This is noted in the previews when he says "Help me!" to Larry. However, in the show, Mr. Right has a deep, manly voice, and the actual moment where he would say "Help me!" is only mouthed and not voiced aloud.

When it debuted as the series premiere, it was presented commercial-free courtesy of Toyota.

In the scene after Larry puts cream on himself, he is clean again and the cream is gone. It appears again when Foolin's cat licks some of it off (in the unedited version), and then disappears for the rest of the episode.

Two episodes ago, Johnny incorrectly tells Rebecca he was in an accident 7 years ago. Now, it's suddenly 9 years ago again.

Interestingly enough, in the beginning of the episode Nelson mentions he's never seen another panda before. But later when he talks with Larry about his love for Kate, he mentions his mother who obviously is a panda.


Larry: We need to talk about you and Kate.

Nelson: Ugh, it sickens me that's she lain beneath you. That's how it works, right? I mean, I might need to know for later.

Larry: Look, Nelson, I think you might be a little confused here.

Nelson: Oh yeah? Well, I might not know how to tango, but I know how to man-dance. Bring it, meat! Come on, you want some of this?

Larry: [Laughing] Damn it, you're too adorable![Raises his paw]

Nelson: Don't hurt me. I can't take a punch. Fat has a lot of nerve endings.


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