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  Magical DoReMi

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> #4 - Dustin' the Old Rusty Broom

Mirabelle and Reanne spy on Dorie in the Old Rusty Broom and find out Dorie is a witch, and say it, Dorie is afraid she will become a blob like Fatina did, but doesn't. Fatina makes Reanne and Mirabelle into witchlings, and Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle come up with the name "Magical DoReMi". Fatina mentions that Witchlings must buy magic droplets for their Magical Wandalers, which can only be bought by selling homemade goods. So Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle, much to Fatina's objection, changes the shop to the DoReMi Magic Shop.

Original Air Date: August 13, 2005

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Ojamajo Doremi title: Everyone's a Witch, So There's Nothing to Fear
Japanese title: Minna majo nara kowakunai
Japanese airdate: February 28, 1999
Originally aired before the series even premiered as a sneak peek, at a special time, 9:30 AM EST. 

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