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  Rescue Me

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> #3 - Kansas

Tommy decides to make life a living hell for his wife's new boyfriend by wreaking havoc on his business and finances. Meanwhile, Chief Reilly faces possible suspension as the result of an altercation with a fellow firefighter and Lou decides to share his poetry.

Original Air Date: August 4, 2004

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
All the FDNY hockey players have the word "Bravest" in lieu of their last name's on the back of their jerseys.

When Tommy sees the phone numbers in his wife's kitchen, they are written on an orange piece of paper, but when he rips the paper off the pad, the paper is pink.

Quote -

Tommy paying his nephew off for sending a computer virus to Roger:

Tommy: [Sigh] I could only get 300 bucks out of the ATM.

Daimen: That's okay. You can owe me the rest. I trust you.

Tommy: You know what, kid? I was at your christening and I didn't drown you, okay? So let's think about who owes who. All right?

Quote -

Lt. Shea: Some day, Franco, science is going to isolate the gene that makes people think barbecuing indoors is a good idea.

Quote -

Tommy confronts his daughter about her tattoo

Tommy: I'll tell you what. You're going to get rid of that yourself, or I'll get rid of it for you.

Colleen: How?

Tommy: I'm sure Black & Decker has some kind of attachment.


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