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  Rescue Me

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> #19 - Reunion

Tommy seeks the truth about Sheila while trying to get his kids back. Lou does not like the person he has saved through a bone marrow donation. Franco's addiction puts those he loves at risk; and he’ll end up wanting to find a reason to stop. Sean's new girlfriend habitually dates firemen and turns out to like to use certain skills to attract them.

Original Air Date: July 26, 2005

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Franco takes a Vicodin with a sip of beer. You are strongly advised, as with most drugs, not to drink alcohol with medicine. Although when taken with each other, the effects of both alcohol and the Vicodin can increase.


Johnny: So, you're not in jail yet?

Tommy: No. Why would I be in jail? Except for maybe killing you, which I would right now, except it would interrupt my smoke.


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