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  Rescue Me

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> #1 - Guts

New York City firefighter, Tommy Gavin, cannot escape the ghosts of those who have died around him as he faces the everyday challenge of saving lives while trying to fix his own.

Original Air Date: July 21, 2004

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
When it debuted, Miller Brewing Co. presented the episode commercial-free. Miller's deal with FX included brand integration, a customized introduction, and "thank you" messages featuring the series cast, not to mention Miller being branded on printed, digital, and televised promotional materials for the series.

After the episode first aired, there was a short segment featuring interviews with the stars of the show as well as footage of the New York premiere and after party.

Tommy's entire speech to the psychiatrist was done in one take and filmed from multiple angles at once.

Quote -

To the “probies”, the new guys: Tommy: You wanna know how big my balls are? My balls are bigger than two of your heads duck-taped together.

Quote -

Mike and Tommy attempt to confront a junkie:

Mike:[Handing Tommy a spatula] Here.

Tommy: What?

Mike: It's all I could find.

Tommy: What do I flip him? He's a junkie not an omelet.

Quote -

Jimmy:All right, hold on, hold on, hold on. Let's review. Why are you two seperated?

Tommy: According to her.

Jimmy: Yeah…

Tommy: You know, I... she says I couldn't open up, I wasn't emotionally available, blah, blah, blah.


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