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  Dog The Bounty Hunter

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> #17 - Where There's Smoke...

Dog hunts down Robert, a low-level drug dealer who rips people off by selling them hedge clippings as marijuana. Meanwhile, Beth chews out Justin when she discovers his cigarette has burned a hole in the dash of her truck, and she and Dog confront him about his smoking.

Original Air Date: January 11, 2005

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
When Beth and Dog “confront” Justin about his smoking, the image isn’t well described. They actually chew him out, Beth yelling at him. Justin, being young and hot tempered, yells back and gets in Beth’s face. Then, Dog steps between them and demands Justin give him his badge, saying, “You’re through here, bra!”. Leading one to believe he is fired.
After everyone calms downs, Tim and Leland give Justin so advice on Beth - “Just ride the storm out, let it blow over”. It seems that Beth and Dog forgive him and Justin still has a job with them. But I’m confused, because you really don’t see him in a lot of episodes. 

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