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  The Dead Zone

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> #12 - Shaman

While traveling out in the wilderness with Bruce, Johnny is plagued by visions of a meteor hitting a mountain and people vanishing. he's unable to direct an astronomer to find the meteorite so he goes out into the wilderness and injures his leg. Taking refuge in a cave, Johnny picks up an antler fragment and has a vision of an injured Indian shaman in the past...who can see Johnny as well! They soon establish a rough communication - the shaman also suffered a head injury that gave him a "dead zone". Johnny realizes the shaman will die during a meteorite strike and the people he saw vanishing are the man's descendents - Johnny manages to warn him to get him and his community clear of the blast radius in the past, and helps Johnny hold out long enough for Walt's rescue party to find him.

Original Air Date: September 8, 2002

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Quote -

Johnny: I can understand you.

Shaman: When we die, we all sound the same.


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