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  The Dead Zone

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> #11 - Dinner with Dana

A jealous ex-lover stalks Dana as her affair with Johnny heats up. Dana Bright is getting dressed for a date when she suddenly realizes the music coming from her living room stereo has changed. Moving downstairs, she is temporarily blinded by the flash of a camera, and is startled when she sees that the photographer is her ex-boyfriend Max Cassidy. After collecting herself, she heads over to Johnny's house for a "pretend" dinner date which they have planned as the basis of a story Dana is writing on Johnny. Arriving to find Johnny preparing a wonderful meal, she hands him a bottle of wine she has brought, and as his hand touches the glass, he is struck by a vision of the two of them making passionate love in his bedroom.

Original Air Date: August 25, 2002

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
"Six Degrees of Separation" in a common concept that says that everyone in the world is somehow connected through a link of six people, and it is also the name of a movie with the same idea. Actor Anthony Michael Hall who plays Johnny, costarred in that 1993 movie.

About 20 min into the episode, when Johnny is drinking wine with Dana, with every camera angle switch, the amount of wine in each wine glass changes.

Quote -

Johnny: It's like six degrees of separation, only minus 5!

Johnny says this line when he is in bed with Dana and has visions of everybody that they both either slept with or know appear in the same room with them, giving their commentary about what is taking place.  

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