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  The Dead Zone

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> #10 - Here There Be Monsters

Johnny and Bruce drive into the small town of Hobb's Landing where Johnny gets a vision of himself being burned at the stake. He goes to the police and has a vision of the murder of a local girl. The police hold him on charges of witchcraft on which he sent to trial. Bruce calls Dana who comes to help out. While testifying to his abilities Johnny gains a vision of the girl still alive and on a boat. Johnny is cleared of the charges but the townspeople form a mob to burn him. Dana and the town sheriff find the girl, who killed her crazy mother when she was doing some kind of satanic ritual and whose father hid her away. Johnny is rescued just in time.

Original Air Date: August 18, 2002

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
In the beginning, the female police officer accused Johnny of the murders of all those women. But she should have known that Johnny was in a coma during the time that most of the murders had occurred. At least the article should have mentioned it, if it was talking about his powers.  

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