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  The Dead Zone

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> #5 - Unreasonable Doubt

Johnny is summoned to jury duty on a murder trial that involves a street ganger who murdered a store owner. Johnny starts to get visions which lead him to believe the accused is innocent. He is the only not-guilty vote initially and manages to convince the jury over as he looks for evidence that supports his visions. Finding the necessary evidence and using his psychic insights of the past lives of some of the jurors, he eventually manages to sway them over to his side.

Original Air Date: July 14, 2002

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Of the series regulars, only Anthony Michael Hall and (briefly) John L. Adams are in this episode.

According to the shooting script, the bit with the POV view of the kid on the Big Wheel is a deliberate nod to Kubrick's The Shining, also by Stephen King.

Closely follows the pattern of the 1957 movie "12 Angry Men".

Winters: "Hand it over, Apu." Directed to the Middle Eastern store owner, a reference to the store owner in The Simpsons.  

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