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  The Dead Zone

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> #2 - What It Seems

Following Johnny's terrifying vision of Allison (Emily Holmes), Johnny and Bruce rush over to the young nurse's home, afraid she has already been murdered. But when the two break in to investigate, Allison is gone and there is no sign of a struggle. At the county sheriff's office, Deputy Frank Dodd reluctantly takes a report from Johnny. Learning that Allison has only been missing for a few hours, Dodd grows suspicious when Johnny insists she may already be dead. Bruce reveals that Johnny has powerful psychic visions that have actually saved lives, and he urges them to listen. He listens with undisguised skepticism as Johnny describes his vision of Allison. Still skeptical about Johnny's powers, Walt visits Dr. Tran, who verifies that Johnny's unique psychic abilities should be taken seriously. Sarah arrives at the sheriff's office for a lunch date with Walt and insists that Johnny join them. During the awkward meal, Johnny gets a flash and is able to prevent a serious accident between a rambunctious young boy and a passing waitress. Meanwhile, Dana files an embarrassing story, prompting Purdy's lawyer to suggest having Johnny declared incompetent to handle his own financial affairs.

Original Air Date: June 23, 2002

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
When Johnny comes to see Walt, Walt doesn't recognize him until he tells him who he is. But, we see in future episodes that Walt already saw Johnny with Sarah at the hospital while he was in a coma. 

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