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  The Dead Zone

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> #24 - Playing God

A wild old high school friend, Jason, comes to see Johnny seeking a vision of the future as he will be dying of a heart condition. Johnny sees him receiving a successful heart transplant and gives him the good news, but later gets a vision of Jason's sister Kate being killed in a driving accident and becoming the donor. Johnny later gets a vision of the other driver's license plate while Jason takes a turn for the worse, then sees a vision of him and Kate arguing which leads to her going out and getting in the accident. Johnny soon realizes even if he saves Kate and gets Jason a heart through Purdy's connections, someone else who would have received the heart will die. Johnny tracks down the drunk driver, Patrick Hanchin, and confronts him, but sees that even if Johnny stops him from killing Kate, he'll hit a school bus. Trapped in a web of fate where anything he does will make things worse, Johnny ends up provoking a fight with Kate and she dies and Jason lives, as he foresaw . . . but Jason learns from the experience.

Original Air Date: March 30, 2003

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Reunites Breakfast Club stars Anthony Michael Hall and Ally Sheedy. Originally there was going to be an in-joke reference to them sharing detention but the producers decided to drop it as being too awkward.

A third Breakfast Club cast member also makes an appearance - John Kapelos (“Patrick” in this episode) played Carl the Janitor in that movie as well.

Ally Sheedy's birthday is June 13, Kate's (the character she played) is June 14.

The events of this episode occurred around March 3, 2003. That is the date of death on Kate's tombstone. 

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