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  The Dead Zone

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> #20 - Misbegotten

Johnny is kidnapped by three women who take him to a haunted house - each has their own reasons. Penny is romantically obsessed with Johnny and wants to have his baby, Maddy plans on making a "Blair Witch" style Internet event and sell it to Rev. Purdy, and Anita is seemingly obsessed with the mystery of the family who was killed there. While Dana and Sara reluctantly go through the piles of "fan mail" that Johnny receives, Johnny himself unravels the mystery through his visions, and discovers that the young son Nicholas who survived is responsible...and that Anita is that boy, dressed as a woman. With the women's help the police arrive just in time as Anita/Nicholas goes berserk. Johnny manages to restrain her long enough to save his life and Anita is taken away.

Original Air Date: February 23, 2003

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
After the credits, there's a brief shot of a movie theater showing the movie "Farmhouse," a film by Madison Powers. Looks like she got it made after all...

Are we really supposed to believe that Rev. Purdy has never heard of The Blair Witch Project?

Walt and his pack of cops all drive over from Maine to New Hampshire where Johnny is being held - in such a situation they'd be out of their jurisdiction and would call the local New Hampshire cops.

Quote -

Dana: What we need is a psychic to help find our psychic.


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