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  Family Guy

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> #9 - Holy Crap

Peter's dad is forced to retire from the mill. A stern workaholic, Francis Griffin does not take retirement well. When Peter and Lois suggest that he come spend some time with them, Peter's dad agrees, and Peter gets excited at the prospect of bonding with his father. But the new living arrangement doesn't go according to plan: In addition to being a workaholic, Peter's dad is also a control freak. He tells the children what TV shows they can watch, tells Peter how to spend his free time and instructs Lois on how to raise the kids. Peter decides that the best way to get closer to his father is to bring him along to the toy factory, but this plan also backfires. Peter's boss is impressed by the retiree's work ethic and hires him as a foreman, ensuring widespread misery at the plant. After Peter's dad increases work hours and implements strict rules, Peter is desperate to make him quit, and tries to convince him to participate in a plot to kidnap the Pope. The Pontiff is also impressed by the retiree's ambition, and offers him yet another job.

Original Air Date: September 30, 1999

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Francis: Laura burns the roast, and God kills her for parading her bum around in those pants!
The Dick Van Dyke Show was a hugely successful sitcom in the 60s starring Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore (who played Laura) Laura frequently wore tight fitting pants... it was the 60s after all. The show spawned a whopping SEVEN spin offs including “The Mary Tyler Moore Show“. Mary Tyler Moore is seen in history as being a major role model in the Women's Liberation Movement.

The doll Peter assembles says "Any of you kids want to see a dead body." On the captions on the Adult Swim airings, it says "Any of you kids want to score some pot?"

The voice of Peter's father was Colm Meaney, who is best known for playing Chief Miles O'Brien on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Francis: You're a good woman, Lois. Perhaps you won't burn in hell after all. Maybe you'll just go to purgatory with all the un-baptized babies.

Peter: There you go, Lois, you love kids.


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