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  Family Guy

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> #7 - Brian: Portrait of a Dog

Peter persuades Brian to swallow his pride and enter a dog show to win some extra cash. But when they argue over a trick gone bad, Brian decides he's had enough of being a second-class citizen. His struggle to assert his civil rights lands him on death row at the pound, where he discovers every dog has his day.

Original Air Date: May 16, 1999

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Peter: Dear MacGyver, Enclosed is a rubber band, a paper clip, and a drinking straw. Please save my dog.

MacGyver was a TV series from the mid-eighties to early-nineties in which the lead character made sophisticated devices from simple, often household items.

This episode features the first appearance of Stewie's teddy bear, Rupert.

When writing to McGuyver, Peter writes on the envelope 725 Spooner Street. Everyone knows that the Griffins live on 31 Spooner Street.


Meg: Chris, you're hogging up all the fans.

Chris: Well, you're hogging up all the... ugly!


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