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  Family Guy

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> #2 - I Never Met the Dead Man

While teaching Meg to drive, Peter crashes into a satellite dish and knocks out the city's cable. He goes crazy without television, until Lois suggests he spend more time with his family. This plan backfires when Peter drives the family nuts. Meanwhile, after Lois forces Stewie to eat his broccoli, he attempts to destroy all vegetables by building a weather control device.

Original Air Date: April 11, 1999

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
William Shatner NEVER said "Beam me up Scotty" in any episode or movie of Star Trek

Kevin Arnold: Whoa. Suddenly, I was public enemy number one. It was time to tell the truth. From 1988 - 1993 ABC's The Wonder Years entertained audiences with its blend of adolescent humor, drama, and situation comedy. The show starred Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold. All of Kevin's inner monologues were performed by Daniel Stern, and went unaccredited during the run of the series.

Ponch: Driving without my phone number. This is a reference to the television program CHiPs. A program that aired from 1977 - 1983, and is often seen as campy today.

However this proved unmanageable as the writers and producers found it hard to talk about the episodes unless they alluded to actions, not the titles such as "The one where peter is under house arrest".

Meg goes to James Woods Memorial High School. James Woods is the name of a Hollywood actor who came from Rhode Island. 

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