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  Family Guy

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> #1 - Death Has a Shadow

Against strict orders from Lois, Peter drinks profusely at his buddy's bachelor party. After showing up at work hung over, Peter gets fired. When he applies for welfare, they accidentally send him a check for $150,000, which leads to a spending binge. When Lois discovers the truth, Peter attempts to return the money to the taxpayers by dumping it from a blimp at the Super Bowl. But when he is arrested, his family must come to the rescue.

Original Air Date: January 31, 1999

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
The giant jar of juice that bursts into the courtroom is the Kool-Aid Man, the icon for the 80's drink with the same name (Kool-Aid).

Peter has a copy of "ASSABLANCA" an obvious "Adult" version of the real movie. The scene shown is a direct rip off of CASABLANCA starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

"Death has a shadow" and the next 3 episodes are from a time when Seth McFarlane wanted to do all the episodes like old Radio shows. Most of the old radio mysteries were stuff like "Death has a shadow" "Death knocks twice" "Driver Death" and soon.

However this proved unmanageable as the writers and producers found it hard to talk about the episodes unless they alluded to actions, not the titles such as "The one where peter is under house arrest". 

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