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  American Dad

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> #7 - Deacon Stan, Jesus Man

Stan goes to great lengths to compete against his rival, Chuck White, and become the new deacon of their church. Meanwhile, Steve is falling in love with Chuck's daughter, Betsy. Roger is going through his reproductive cycle, causing him to lactate, ultimately complicating matters for Stan and Steve.

Original Air Date: June 19, 1900

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Langley Falls Post front page headline: "Bush Finally Gets Joke About Last Name."

The sign in front of the church reads the following throughout the episode: "Restrooms For Christians Only," "Jesus Saves... room for potato salad!," & "Church You're Damned If You Don't."

The Mexican hospital where Stan takes Steve to have his baby is called, "El Hospital General."

The medallion Karl Rove wears around his neck has an elephant symbol; representing the Republican party.  

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