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  The Simpsons

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Episode Details ((Add/Correct Information))

> #1 - Bart Gets An F

After failing a history test, Bart strikes a deal with Martin Prince to make him cool in exchange for tutoring. Bart successfully transforms Martin into a regular kid, but Martin reneges on his side of the bargain and Bart is once again in danger of failing. After an all-night study session, Bart still fails but he manages to impress Mrs. Krabappel with his grasp of history and she gives him a D-minus, a grade Homer is proud to hang on the fridge.

Original Air Date: October 11, 1990

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
This marks the first episode to air after the move to Thursday at 8PM. This episode was the highest rated episode of the season.

With this episode the opening titles are now different, Lisa riding her bike to the driveway is cut and replaced with her passing Homer in the driveway, Bart stealing the bus stop sign is cut and replaced with Bart passing townspeople, and Homer in the nuclear plant now has Mr. Burns and Smithers in the background instead of an unknown man eating a sandwich.

In the giant circle of people, we see Sideshow Bob. Shouldn't he be in jail?

In the new opening credits, Apu can clearly be seen here with a dog. But we have never seen this dog in the entire series. Are we to believe he's just walking it for a friend?

When Bart is "ill" and rings the bell for Marge, but she comes from the opposite side of the bed to the door. Unless she climbed in through the window or just magically walk through the wall, how did she get in?


Otto: Hey, Bart dude! Woah, you look freaked!

Bart: Hey Otto man, I've got a big test today that I'm not ready for. Could you please crash the bus or something?

Otto: Oh, sorry little buddy. Can't do it on purpose. But hey, maybe you'll get lucky!


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