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  The Simpsons

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> #2 - Bart The Genius

Bart cheats on his intelligence test and is mistaken for a child genius. In order to offer him more stimulation, Marge and Homer enroll him in a school for gifted students where he is immediately made to feel like the mediocre student he is. Bart eventually bluffs his way back into Springfield Elementary by claiming he'll study his classmates but winds up confessing to everyone that he cheated.

Original Air Date: January 14, 1990

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
On the Season 1 DVD commentary for this episode, we learn that Dr. J. Loren Pryor was the original drawing for Principal Skinner. The current look of Skinner is based around several teachers and a principal Groening knew, as well as the principal from the "Life In Hell" comics.

Since this is the first episode with the full intro. The first time we see Maggie scanned, she is worth $847.63.

LOOK HARD: Maggie places the blocks in a position to where they read "E-M-C-2."

When Homer produces the tie for Bart to wear at the breakfast table, the two hairs on his head are missing

When Mrs. Krabappel turns her head, she has 4 eyes. Just like when Maggie knocks down her blocks, she has 6 or 7 arms. You have to be really quick to catch this, it's an animation cell goof.


Lisa: I don't care what that test says, Bart, you're a dimwit.

Bart: Maybe so, but from now on, this dimwit was on easy street.


Teacher: Well, it seems the smartest child in the class is also the quietest. Bart, what other paradoxes affect our lives?

Bart: ...Well, you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't.


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