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> #4 - College Bored

Daria and Quinn get enrolled in a college-prep course, where they are given the assignment of visiting the college of their choice. Their parents decide to take them to their alma mater, Middleton College. Things start to go wrong after Daria goes into business writing term papers for cash, and Quinn gets elected "keg queen" at a frat party.

Original Air Date: March 24, 1997

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Middleton College was established as a colonial religious college in 1776. While not conclusive by any means, this does make for a strong argument in favor of Lawndale being located somewhere on the East Coast, since only the original thirteen British colonies existed at that time.


Instructor: Today's admission standards are more rigorous than ever, which is why...

Jane: Can we get on with this? I have someplace to go. [Looks at Jodie] Television counts as a place.


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