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> #95 - Word of Honor

After his wife leaves him, Daniel Albright asks Teddy to move in with him and proposes marriage. Teddy thinks that this will give her a good opportunity to obtain evidence on Albright's illegal activities. Unfortunately, Albright's henchman, Martin, discovers that Lucky is still alive, meaning Teddy staged her shooting of him. However, before Martin can do any real harm, Lucky and Teddy let the police know about a heroin stash in Albright's airplane. Albright is arrested.
Meanwhile, after dealing with an annoying hypochondriac patient, Charley decides to return to her work at the clinic instead of remaining at the posh medical firm. By reluctantly hosting a pledge drive for public television, Alex helps Norma get a permanent position at the TV station as executive producer of 'Alex Reborn,' with Alex as the star.

Original Air Date: April 8, 1995

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