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> #10 - Strikes and Spares

Alex and Wade meet with their lawyers to negotiate their divorce settlement. Meanwhile, Frankie savors her secret marriage to Mitch. Alex tells her sisters that Wade is trying to kill her, but no one believes the overemotional Alex. Wade discovers that his girlfriend, Tiffany Blue, has hired a hit man to kill the troublesome Alex. Wade thwarts the attempt on Alex's life and decides Alex can have everything she wants in the divorce settlement.
Frankie finally tells Teddy about the marriage. Teddy, who has just discovered she is pregnant by Mitch, remains silent. Georgie seeks the advice of her sisters about bowling in a tournament. She feels it may be wrong to have fun while her son is so seriously ill. Georgie decides to bowl in the tournament and enjoys helping her team win.

Original Air Date: October 5, 1991

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
This episode begins with the men, Wade, John, and Mitch, in a sauna instead of the usual 4 sisters.

Note: There are only 3 men for 4 sisters, that’s because Mitch has technically been the “main man” for two sisters, Frankie and Teddy.


Alex:[About Wade‘s new fling] Well, I wont allow that show girl to be around Reed.

Wade: she is not a “show girl,” - she’s an actress!

Alex: I hope she gives a better performance in bed then she does on stage.


Georgie:[After Alex‘s wreck] You could have been killed!

Alex: I know that and so does he!

Teddy: Who?

Alex: Wade - he’s trying to kill me

Frankie: Oh Alex, how can you say that?

Alex: Easy - banks fail, hearts fail, marriages fail… But the brakes on a Mercedes NEVER fail!


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