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Episode Details ((Add/Correct Information))

> #4 - Devoted Husband, Loving Father

On the one-year anniversary of their father's death, the Reed sisters gather at his gravesite to honor his memory. They arrive in time to see a mysterious woman place red roses on their father's grave. The woman turns out to be Dr. Reed's nurse of many years, Belle Aderlee. When Frankie presses for further details, the nurse suggests she ask her mother for the story. Over the protests of her sisters, Frankie confronts her mother. She answers the question by reading a letter their father left behind. Meanwhile, Georgie considers romance with an old flame, who returns to town for his mother’s funeral. Later, as the girls sort through their mixed feelings, they decide to remember their father as a loving parent, who happened to be very human as well.

Original Air Date: June 1, 1991

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Bingo, Georgie’s high school flame, must have money. He says he’s a high power attorney in New York, but aside from that he can afford a $10,000 Rolex. And nice dinners with Georgie and puts her name on the city’s theater mar key - “Georgie Whitsig in She Sold the House.”

Although Georgie never sleeps with Bingo, they do kiss. This is what I view as a prelude to possible conflicts of fidelity on Georgie’s behalf.


[In reference to a strange woman they say at their father’s grave site]

Frankie: The groundskeeper says she puts red roses on his grave once a week.

Georgie: Every week?

Alex: Well, she’s obviously a former patient of daddy’s, whose life he saved one dark and stormy night, when her appendix burst and the ambulance couldn’t get to her because of the blinding blizzard. So he drove her to the hospital himself and preformed the operation by the light of an emergency generator.

Georgie: That is a brilliant deduction, Alex. Even Sherlock Holmes would be impressed.

Frankie: Not to mention the AMAs.

Teddy: Call me crazy - but when you gently place red roses on someone’s grave every week, it usually means there more between you then an emergency appendectomy.


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