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> #7 - Some Tuesday in July

Georgie is not prepared for the situation fate suddenly bestows upon her. Her youngest son, Evan, is diagnosed with leukemia. Georgie and husband, John, begin a constant vigil at the hospital. Evan has a good chance of recovery, but there is a long battle ahead for him. Alex, Teddy and Frankie worry in private, because Georgie hasn't given in to her feelings, instead, remaining stoic and in control. Meanwhile, Teddy makes plans to leave town.

Original Air Date: June 22, 1991

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
As the daughter of an alcoholic mother, I think this show is the best one showing Cat and Teddyís troubled relationship.

The truth is, if Reed was really that bad in the school play - she wouldnít have been picked in the first place. And the way Alex claims that her performance went, with cheers and roses, I doubt that actually occurred. No high school play of mine was ever that grand, only PARENTS brought roses.

The shirt Teddy hands Frankie to take to Evan while heís in the hospital, looks like an adult large. When Evan is only 8 years old - I doubt itíll fit.

I believe this is the episode that made me love John. He has one of the worst days ever in this episode. While heís being told by the doctor his son has Leukemia, his commercial for his music (featuring him in a bathrobe) comes on in the lobby of the hospital. Every adult watches the commercial makes fun of him on the commercial. And the truth is, John actually does have an in creditable singing voice. And it was a bit sad seeing him put all his equipment away and trying to get a ďreal jobĒ. But I guess thatís growing up.

This marks the end of an unusually short TV season.


Teddy: You know, for a family who isnít speaking to me, I sure do get asked a lot of questions.


Georgie: Dr. Reinholdt is only trying to make things more pleasant.

Teddy: ďPleasantĒ is exactly the word I would use when I think of Evan going bald or puking his guts out!

Georgie: Do you have to be so emotional?

Teddy: At least someone is! YouĎre acting like a ritual step ford mother! Itís not normal. you should be crying, not taking notes!

Georgie: Donít tell me what I should be doing. Iím not like you - a loose cannon going off every five seconds! If you want to know why Iím not crying - itís because I donít have the time. I have to keep my head clear, my eyes open, and my ears tuned - I have to understand, see, and hear everything thatís going on. I have to figure out with these doctors talking what they are actually saying. If you want to see me cry, youíll have to come around some Tuesday in July when I have time, because I donít now!


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